My name is Byron Larson and I am a stupidologist. As the name implies I study human stupidity like one would a science…kind of. If you’ve ever been curious about why people do the things they do and why those things matter then you’re in good company: I’ve been studying the philosophy of stupidity since the end of 2015 – reading dozens of scientific studies, non-fiction books, and the odd article which grew into more than a few strange theories and insights on these topics. I decided to start blogging to share many of those ideas, get some feedback, and see where this opportunity could take me. So thank you for stopping by!

…A little more about me.

My philosophical journey started at the beginning of my Senior year of High School in 2012 (…yeah, I’m a young’un). But due to budget restraints basically everything I know about philosophy I taught myself through various free and reputable online resources. While I’ll admit that this method hasn’t produced the best working knowledge on the names of notable philosophers, their works, or the schools of philosophy in general…it did come with the advantage that I learned philosophy by studying things that interested me rather than through the lens of historical debate. I am proud to admit that I am very much an outsider looking in on many contemporary issues so my perspectives and methodologies will reflect that. If you’re looking for some serious, academic philosophy that goes completely against the fold then you’ve come to the right place.

…But why a school?

In the ancient days, philosophy was a matter of how you chose to live your life rather than a collection of abstract and/or technical problems to be solved. Those principles by which you chose to live by would be part of your philosophy and people who held similar philosophies would come together and found a school. In studying this subject I learned something incredibly valuable: that the study of stupidity is an exercise in building your world-view and a matter of what principles you choose to live by as much as it is a technical field of study with its own problems to be solved. My hope is that one day many people will recognize this field of study as a legitimate enterprise and apply its wisdom in deciding how to live.

If you’re interested in joining this school then please feel free to subscribe and add to the discussion!